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When buying a condo by the beach there are so many things to consider. Every owner is different and has different priorities. For instance a prospective buyer may be purchasing in order to occupy the unit themselves full time, perhaps it is a vacation home, or maybe it will be used to generate rental income and the owner will never set foot inside of it. Some owners want a high floor with a sea view facing the sunset, while someone else may want a low floor with a view of the sunrise over the mountains. Whatever your taste there is sure to be an ideal unit to suit your budget and taste in the Pattaya Condo Market.


Low Rise vs. High Rise

A low rise condo is typically an apartment building with somewhere between 4 – 12 floors. The boutique style of a low rise usually has a more personal touch throughout, expect to find lush manicured gardens, a nice swimming pool, and a decent fitness center at most boutique low rise buildings. Usually the units themselves are more spacious than that of a high rise building and the feel will be a little more subdued than a high rise building soaring into the skies A high rise to a skyscraper is anything from 12 floors and higher. Currently the tallest condo in Jomtien Beach is 58 stories tall.

If you want a High Rise building an agent with Powerhouse Properties will be able to assist, if you are more of a low rise kind of person then Powerhouse Development has three distinct low rise buildings to choose from. One that is existing, one under construction, and one in presale.


Off Plan vs. Existing

An existing building is self explanatory. The building is finished. It exists. It may be brand new, or it may be an older building that has existed for quite some time. Existing condo buildings are ready to move in, and the cost is usually higher than that of an off plan purchase. The ownership type may also be fixed in an existing building, it depends on the ratios.

What is this off plan building though? Very simple, an off plan condo building is a condo that is either in the presale stage, or is currently under construction. With an off plan building the price per square meter is very competitive, the earlier you buy the better the deal you will get. You also have the opportunity to customize the unit, or even combine units to make a very large custom flat. This may be especially appealing to the expat who will be retiring in Thailand permanently, or the business executive who will be living and working long term in the land of smiles.


Investment Property vs. Owner Occupied vs. Vacation Home

There are essentially two types of owners, with the third being a hybrid of the first two to some degree. An investment property usually refers to a unit that will be used as a rental unit. The rental unit could be for long term, or short term or be used as a holiday rental. Typically these owners, use a local property management firm to handle viewings, deposits, and the maintenance and marketing aspects of the property.

The other type of owner will be residing in the unit they have purchased. Where an investment client may be looking to maximize ROI, the owner who occupies their flat may have quite a few other priorities in mind. How does the wind blow through the place? Is there a nice view from the balcony? What makes a house into a home for everyone is different. Consider the next things carefully, especially if you will be occupying the unit yourself.


Sea View vs. City View

Pattaya is a small city with a good skyline. The ocean views are spectacular but views of the city are not too shabby either. There is the neon jungle of Walking Street, or if you have a unit off the beach a ways overlooking the skyline of the city it can be breathtaking.


Sunset View vs. Sunrise View

Owners have two choices in Pattaya for awesome views. Sunsets on the beach, or sunrises over the mountains. The skies, especially during the rainy season can turn hot pink, and purple, and even fire engine red with the right clouds.  Some buildings offer both of these with wrap around balconies. If you enjoy sunsets or sunrises I suggest visiting the property you are considering during your preferred time at least once before purchase. If you are buying an investment property, this probably doesn’t matter one whit, unless you will be marketing to honeymooners, but for those of you that will be living in the unit consider the view. You will see it every day.


High Floor vs. Low Floor

There are pros and cons to both a high floor unit and a low floor unit. It gets down to preference. High floors condos tend to be breezier and offer more sweeping views. Low floor units can be easier to access, and for those that get a little queasy when they are up to high may want to invest in a low floor unit.


Older and Larger Units vs. Newer and Smaller Units

The older units in and around Pattaya have a tendency of being more spacious. The units are a bit dated, as they built them bigger in the 90s and early 2000s but the space you get may be worth it. Most of te newer units are on a much smaller scale. Some 1 bedroom units in brand new buildings could be as small as 34 meters square, where a building 10 years older it is common to find 1 bedroom apartments in excess of 50 square meters. The Skylight Condo has harkened back to a time when the 1 bedroom units were more livable for the full time resident and you can get a 1 bedroom that is 56 square meters.


Conclusion: When Buying a Condo in Pattaya

There are many things to consider when buying a condo in Pattaya or Jomtien Beach. Really think about why you are purchasing this unit and make your investment according to what is most important to you.

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