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Property investment in Pattaya

Why you need to start considering Property investment in Pattaya?

Interior from luxury condo in Pattaya by Power House Property Developer

In recent years, the property market in Pattaya has gained immense popularity among foreign investors with a shift towards Chinese buyers. In simple terms – foreigners are buying everything: houses, flats, apartments. The possibility of realizing high returns on bank deposits and securities markets are the reasons to start investing in real estate in countries with rapidly growing economies. And these qualities are apparent primarily in the countries of South-East Asia, including Thailand. According to recent statistics 90% of property buyers in Pattaya are foreigners.

Pattaya, is rapidly being transformed. There are a myiad number of highquality construction projects and real estate agencies at almost every corner.

What makes the Pattaya property market so attractive?

The main factor influencing the decision to buy an apartment or a house is both economic and lifestyle oriented. Thailand is now perhaps one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, attracting a huge amount of visitors, and offering not only a huge database of hotel and a wide range of excursions, but also affordable prices, including housing.


At the moment, Pattaya attracts about 8 million visitors a year, making it one of the top tourist destinations in South East Asia. And, now the city has a huge investment world wide potential – both because of the growing numbers of tourists, and as a result of investments by the government and foreign investors in the industrial zone of the Eastern Seaboard. This, of course, attracts both investors and other categories of customers, from businessmen to retirees.

The current building boom is caused by rapidly increasing tourist traffic and the ensuing demand for real estate in Thailand. An arriving tourist sees the obvious advantages of living in Thailand – from the weather to food prices. He tries out the local lifestyle and makes a decision about buying a “house by the sea.”Powerhouse Development Co,.Ltd

The changing face of ‘sin-city’ Pattaya

Now the Government of Thailand and Pattaya City Hall are doing a lot to promote the resort town as being family-oriented. They have built two huge water parks and expanded and improved the beach areas, In addition, for those who have decided to buy property in Pattaya, the city offers all of the necessary infrastructure: international schools, upscale hospitals, excellent nurseries – with both Russian and English speakers, as well as plenty of entertainment from sailing to polo and golf.

Also, for many people working in Asia, Thailand is the ideal place for retirement in comparison with other Asian centers such as Hong Kong or Singapore. Prices in Thailand make it easier to live well on a retirement income. In Thailand, every foreigner older than 50 years can receive a special retirement visa, with a certificate of income or contribution to the Thai bank. A lot of Russian pensioners can enjoy the pleasures of life in a warm place, by leasing an apartment at home and receiving a pension on the bank card.

Commercial property investment in Thailand

Today, Thailand real estate market analysts say that there is a surge in demand for commercial and industrial properties like hotel and restaurant business, shopping, food and building materials businesses, etc. This is due, most likely, to the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone and mixed economic situation in Russia. Many large corporations are transferring their production operations to Thailand, resulting in the industrial zone of the East Coast, not far from Pattaya, experiencing strong in-flows of foreign investment.

Due to the fact that the Thai property  boom began relatively recently, the prices here have not yet reached the European levels, but tend to grow at around 10% per year. This makes Thailand the largest growing market in Asia. In addition, manufacturers in Thailand have a huge opportunity to market their products in the ASEAN countries – the ten countries in South-East Asia with a total population of over 522 million people and a combined GDP of 585 billion dollars. And, given the number of tax breaks and preferences for foreign companies, there has never been a better time to invest in Thailand.

Pattaya is ideal for those who are looking for a convenient and comfortable place to live near the sea, work and relax in quiet, stable comfort. Come visit, and see for yourself!

The benefits of investing in Thailand

Ranked as the fourth region of the world for investment attractiveness, according to the Commerce Commission and to the UN, Thailand is a great place to invest.

  1. Thailand – the gateway to Asia
    Thailand enjoys a strategic location in the heart of Asia, which is now considered to be the fastest growing market in the world. It is a gateway to Southeast Asia and in sub-region Mekoga, in which, as a new and growing market opens great opportunities for businesses. Thailand is also convenient for trade with China, India and other Asian countries.
  2. A founding member of ASEAN
    In addition to its strategic geographical location, Thailand has a reputation as a founding member of ASEAN. As a center of economic cooperation between the member countries of ASEAN, Thailand has access to their markets for regional products (more than 500 million people).
  3. Social and political stability
    Thailand is known as a society of social and political stability. The form of government of the country – Constitutional monarchy – favors democratic processes and reforms, but also balances them with the traditional values of the Thai people; respect for the monarch and commitment to the teachings of the Buddha.
  4. A growing economy
    From an economic point of view, this country of 64 million people has a stable GDP. Growth in 2003 reached 6.7% – number two in the world after China. The abundance of natural resources and the availability of skilled workers has led to the rapid growth of the industrial sector of the country.
  5. Well-developed infrastructure
    Thailand offers a ready-made infrastructure for foreign investors. Modern vehicles, advanced communications, computer networks provide optimal conditions for doing business and living in the country. Industrial parks are equipped with the most modern communication and excellent service centers.
  6. Investment policy
    Well-defined investment policy of the country focuses on the liberalization and promotion of free trade. Foreign investments, especially to improve the knowledge, technology and innovation, meet the full support of the government. A UN inspection in 2004 called Thailand the fourth most attractive country for foreign direct investment.
  7.  Government support
    The Thai government has developed measures of support and assistance to investors. Through Investment Committee (the Board of Investment) the government offers various tax incentives schemes, reducing import duties and other forms of support for the extended list of businesses that are identified as priorities for the industry. Other government agencies such as the Department of Export Development (the Department of Export Promotion) and international committees on trade are supporting and servicing investors.
  8.  Long-term and short-term industrial projects
    The share of the industrial sector in the GDP is increasing rapidly and diversifying in both long-and short-term projects. Particular emphasis is placed on five sectors: automotive, electronics, clothing, food, and the service sector, including entertainment, tourism and health.
  9. Friendly and rich culture
    Throughout the world, Thailand has a reputation as a special cultural center, in which a mixture of exotic cultures combine with the amazing friendliness of its inhabitants. Thai culture promotes welcoming attitude to foreign businessmen working in Thailand.
  10. Education and health
    Educational standards in Thailand are accepted in many countries around the world. A large number of international schools and colleges offer world-class education.

Thai medicine has a great reputation around the world, and is known by doctors to be world-class, with modern facilities and high service standards.

Thailand Takes Third in World-wide Investment Property Inquiries

In April of 2013, ‘The Move Channel’ website released the results of its user inquiries, and found that Thailand is firmly in third place in the world-wide popularity of property investors, behind the U.S. with almost nineteen per cent of total inquiries and Spain with just over ten per cent.

Thailand received almost seven per cent of inquiries by interested potential property investors. This was just ahead of the Cayman Islands which received just over six and half per cent.

It is noteworthy that the growth of demand for property on Thailand is extremely consistent.
Craig Turner, Managing Director of Rightmove Pattaya, said that real estate in Thailand does attract more investors from abroad. And, that the Pattaya area is particularly popular for foreign investors.

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