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Amazing Thailand Facts

The population of Thailand in the last census was just over 67 million of which 1,316,293 were registered inhabitants of Chonburi district. Pattaya fluctuates depending on season and the tourist trade.

In 2014 there were 24,779,768 tourists generating revenue of 1.13 trillion baht. There were 6,620,231 visitors from Asean countries with Singapore ranked at 9th worldwide with 864,681 arrivals. The GDP for 2014 was 387.25 billion US dollars. Growth in the last quarter of 2014 was 1.7%. The economy is largely export driven and is the second largest in SE Asia, which accounts for 60% of GDP. Tourism generates 7%. Thailand has the 7th lowest unemployment rate in the world. They were the first country in Asia to receive ‘Joint Commission International’ accreditation (2002) for healthcare service. The ‘World Economic Forum’ travel and tourism competitiveness report in 2015 ranked Thailand as 16th out of 141 nations for the tourist service infrastructure. Mastercard 2014 Global Destination Cities Index ranked Bangkok 2nd with only London higher. The worlds first Cartoon Network Themed Water Park was completed in 2014 at a cost in excess of 1 billion baht. Future foreign investments include the construction of a high speed train linking Bangkok and Pattaya at an estimated budget of 152 billion baht. Hotel chains known worldwide have plans to further develop in Pattaya.

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