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Meet Ms. June Bernard, the powerhouse behind Powerhouse Development Co. Ltd., located in Pattaya, Thailand. June is the CEO and visionary behind Powerhouse Development and Powerhouse Properties Co. Ltd. Which are headquartered in Pattaya, Thailand right next door to Chonburi Immigration. The two companies share the same office, while one is dedicated to the development, marketing and sales of the projects under the Powerhouse Development brand, Water’s Edge, Skylight, and Habitus. Water’s Edge has been critically acclaimed throughout SE Asia and is known for its proximity to the edge of the water, only 6 meters.


The Early Years

Thailand does not get much more opposite geographically from where June grew up. She is from the colder regions of North America. She was the youngest of many children in a large family headed up by a single mother in a time when it was not easy to be a single mom. June began work at 13 years old and her first job was in the hospitality industry as a chamber maid.

The tough world in which Ms. Bernard was raised most certainly contributed to her enduring strength, and fearless attitude as she embarked into a career mostly reserved for men. At the young age of 19 years old she had already gone international. June has always been a pioneer, and gets a kick out of accomplishing the things people say she can not. At 19 she began selling timeshare at a resort in Mexico. She failed epically the first go around and could have given up then, and that would have been a disaster. Rather than quit she went back at it a few months later and this time she examined what caused her to fail and remedied the situation. She never looked back. Ms. Bernard was at the beginning of a very successful, very lucrative sales career that would lead her to building in nations throughout the world.


Building Around the World

The timeshare industry taught June a lot, with the constant travel, the diverse clientele, and watching the way the industry morphed and changed over the decades. Eventually she decided she would begin building as well. Ms. Bernard and her experienced team have worked on projects in the Thailand, as well as 2 other continents. It is fair to say that June has been around the block a time or two.


Pattaya Real Estate Projects headed up by June Bernard

June Bernard has brought her decades of expertise and settled in Pattaya, Thailand. Before beginning to develop properties she worked with another successful developer in town selling their properties and she learned everything she could about the local area. She decided she would like to settle in Pattaya and set about building a building that she would be willing to live in. Now after her extensive travels to some of the finest resorts in the world her taste is quite discerning. She made a living selling people their dream vacations. The details of her first project in Pattaya were stunning, and extensive and naysayers said it would never be built.

Well Water’s Edge was built, it was finished in 2015 and there have been residents living inside for over a year now. The boutique building is located just 6 meters from the ocean and offers stunning views overlooking Na Jomtien.

The Skylight Project is the building currently under construction. It is far behind schedule, as are almost every building in Pattya at the moment. The Pattaya Property market took a beating in 2014 when the Russian economy collapsed, and the military took over in a coup. This affected tourism, property sales, and even rice exports in the land of smiles. Through all the challenges, and even some panicky investors demanding their money back the building is still going up. Despite every obstacle, the project continues. Regular construction updates come out on the site every month or two and the project is indeed expected to be finished in 2016.

Plenty will say it can’t be done, but June Bernard has heard that before and pays it no heed. If you would like to tour the construction site, Ms. Bernard will conduct the tour herself for qualified buyers. She has a list of investors who are still with her as they believe in the quality she has designed and the vision for her projects.

The final project being developed by Powerhouse is Habitus. This project is a larger complex with 212 units and is in the pre sale phase. To get an idea of quality and materials being used there is a showroom erected at the future site of the building, and of course one can tour Water’s Edge to see the finished product, and one can tour Skylight to see that indeed construction is still happening at a few places around town.


The Future Plans of Ms. June Bernard in Pattaya Thailand

Powerhouse Development and June Bernard are here to stay in Pattaya, Thailand ,she has invested in the community and become a part of the fabric of Pattaya. Skylight will continue on, Habitus will break ground and the garden at Water’s Edge will continue to grow. Currently she does not have any plans to go beyond Habitus, however, she also has no plans of stopping any time soon. The show must go on.

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